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VIZIOSoft is a minority owned company that offers first-class, cost-effective Ecommerce, Application Development, Staffing, IT Outsourcing, Project-based, and Enterprise Class VoIP Phone solutions. Our team of experts know how to get the job done right the first time, on time and under budget.

VIZIOSoft was founded on the philosophy of provding our clients the best service and/or solutions possible. We are determined to provide our clients with better results and still not overcharge for our services. We attain to a higher standard by staying focused on delivering the right results on time and within budget. We are commited to the success of our clients' business. We would like to be not just your vendor, but your partner.

VIZIOSoft is your gateway to the best software engineering services on the planet. We are a nimble and exciting comapny focused on rapid software application development and IT Outsourcing services. From web 2.0 concepts to fast and scalable ajax-enabled applications, we believe in rapidly evolving to stay at the cutting edge of methodologies, tools and techniques. Our team members have over 16 years of combined experience in developing industry strength CRMs, ERPs, web portals, and VoIP solutions. Our team has extensive experience with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), enabling them to provide you with comprehensive tools to meet your IT Business needs.

Our key strengths
  • Smart individuals trained to handle large scale institutional projects.
  • A deep understanding of software development in all its colors and flavors.
  • Competitive in-house and offshore rates.
  • End-to-end customer feedback and communication channels.
We believe that at the very root of our success is our social consciousness which manifests itself in our contribution to the community and in making the lives of our customers and employees a little bit better each day.