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VIZIOSoft's success is primarily based on our teams' core competencies. Each of us comes to work everyday with the mission to educate ourselves about new technologies, while striving to improve existing processes. Late nights and weekends are the norm rather than the exception. Our team is constantly striving to deploy each new revisions/improvements of existing software ensuring faster or better performance.

Process is the next step. Although SDLC is not the rule of thumb for us as every software application has its own lifecycle requirements, SDLC is our methodology of choice for a large percentage of our projects. We like to start writing code from day 1, and keep the customer involved with every iteration of the development. Documentation is hard requirement for our projects. Even at one week to deployment feature changes to the application are strived for.

We strongly believe in continuously testing the software. Unit, automated, black box, code reviews - we use every QA framework that is available to ensure a bug free application.

Finally, aesthetics and usability are must for every application and/or solution we write. We strive for ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and efficient processing for all of the applications we build.