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At VIZIOSoft, software and technology are not just the core arsenal of our business model, they are the passions of our staff members' dialy lives. From the CEO to our junior developers, each one of our staff members love reading, writing and thinking code; decifering the latest technologies; and keeping up with cutting edge software development.

Our services start right at the inception of an idea. We help our clients refine the idea, help identify the technology for its implementation and assist in identifying a business plan for it. This initial effort is followed up with documenting, designing, building and releasing the application in the most effective manner possible.

We have many many years of combined experience in designing and deploying software and technology of all shapes and sizes. In the past, we have developed, tested and deployed
  • .Net based enterprise applications catering to thousands of users.
  • LAMP (Linux, apache, php, mysql) and AJAX based web 2.0 systems.
  • Rapid turnaround applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • Asterix based Enterprise Class VoIP Phone Systems.
  • Exchange 2007 Server for over 100 seats.
  • Point Data Server - Real Estate CRM Tool for over 100 seats.
It is our belief that technology and applications should not only perform the function they are meant to perform but they should perform them with efficiency. We also have a strong group of aesthetic design experts at our disposal who study and refine each application built from a usability and aesthetic standpoint.

We do not confine ourselves to any single technology, platform or methodology. Our experts brainstorm and collaborate with clients within their respective technology to help their assigned client choose the best technology and methodology suited to projects we execute.

Our team members have first hand experience of developing code and applications for the following industry verticals:
  • Athletic Apparel/Clothing Industry
  • Call centers
  • Financial Institutions (Banks, Real Estate, Insurance, and Leasing Brokerages)
  • Manucaturing and production (ERP, CRM)
  • Architectual and Interior Design
  • Hotel & Hospitality Services
  • Medical & Dental